Reviving Fading Traditions

Sungka, (also known as Congkak, Tchonka, or Congklak in Indonesia) is a game that consists of cowrie shells as game pieces and a huge board often made of wood, with shallow dug holes. This tradition has several variants, and is played in mostly the Southeast Asian regions (of Borneo, Thailand, Java, and even Singapore). It is believed to have been a game reserved for royalty, but started as a fisherman’s creative invention to alleviate boredom at sea. With two players, the objective of the game is to collect more beans/shells than the opponent using strategic planning and mental acuity.

As part of a project on reviving fading traditions, I chose to reinvent the Sungka, into a more modern, edgy and sleek urban style, Aquos. By bringing it back to its roots of a game by the sea, the product is meant to simulate water, as it is made in glass with smooth, flowing forms. It can be used as a centrepiece or an avant-garde piece of furniture in a modern minimalist living room.


  • Autodesk Maya® 3D
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator


  • 2011