Charcoal studies

Within the realm of my artistic exploration, I found myself delving further into the world of charcoal and graphite. Drawing inspiration from the old masters’ magnificent charcoal studies and the stylistic male photography imbibed with cultural themes, my latest artwork emerges as a synthesis of these influences.

Graphite on brown Kraft paper becomes the medium of choice, imbuing the piece with a rugged and handdrawn appeal; my stylistic approach combines blended strokes and shading to accentuate the beauty of the male form while retaining its innate ruggedness.

Using charcoal and white graphite, I sought to strike a delicate balance between refinement and rawness.

The legacy of the old masters served as my guide. Simultaneously, the world of contemporary male photography offered a fresh perspective that explores cultural themes without resorting to hypersexualization. These two realms converged, inspiring me to create a piece that explores the profound beauty found in the male form while inviting viewers to reflect on the broader cultural significance it embodies (if any).


  • Charcoal
  • Graphite
  • Chalk
  • Kraft paper


  • 841mm (H) × 594mm (W)


  • 2022