deliverybee 2.0

ui.ux × Branding

Adopted across the company’s multiple service offerings (both B2B and B2C), deliverybee is one of honestbee’s internal tools — built solely for Logistics and Operations. Following the launch of v1.0, the app required a complete UI/UX revamp to fix usability issues, enhance our existing users’ experience, and ensure the alignment of our line of service apps to the honestbee brand.

Our team was tasked with driving this project, which aimed to reduce onboarding time and encourage more drivers to choose honestbee among the delivery competition. Sporting a simpler, clearer interface — by listing actionable tasks as cards — the new design helped reduce frustration among existing delivery bees and minimise error & mistakes, while guiding our users throughout their delivery journey.

With a growing list of service-specific requirements (ie Groceries, Laundry, and Food among other local markets), constant communication is key — our design team created various iterations to serve a multitude of end user requirements, validated our proposed solutions with our drivers, and worked closely with the Operations team to ensure we hit our targeted performance KPIs using the app.


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  • Adobe Photoshop


  • 2018