Meals Matter

Brand Identity & Campaign Design

Meals Matter is a youth-targeted campaign by Mercy Relief, a Singapore-born humanitarian relief and development NGO. In the October spirit of Children’s Day, schools from different levels have stepped forward to support the Meals Matter project which aims to raise 100,000 packs of Mercy Ready Meals (MRM). This would allow the stockpiling of MRMs to increase disaster preparedness for swifter response, hence reducing hunger when emergencies occur in the region.

Young students played their parts and fed their hearts out by encouraging their families, relatives and neighbours to pledge towards the stockpiling. Three packs of the ready-to-eat, nutritious and high-fluid content meals, with shelf life of three years are available at S$10 including handling, storage and delivery to disaster locations.

Meals Matter is one of Mercy Relief’s two-part campaign in conjunction with World Food Day, alongside Glut of Goodness.



16 October marks World Food Day (WFD), an annual global observance by those who are concerned over food supply and security in the world. According to the United Nations in 2012, about 870 million are starving and chronically undernourished, representing 12.5% of the total world population — whereby, one in every eight people starve.

When natural disasters strike, situations worsen — prices of basic essentials inflate by many folds. Provision of food is not merely for the need to survive, but a hope for the future, for the disaster-stricken communities.

Help reduce hunger. Come join and make Meals Matter.


  • Pencil
  • Ink
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Photoshop


  • 2013

Client / Organisation

  • Mercy Relief (Singapore)