Product Revival through Illustration

Sargasm (SARSI + EGG) was inspired by the famous home-made Philippine delicacy made from mixing the SARSI drink with raw egg. A delicious concoction (of sargasmic proportions!) from the 80s-90s period, I remember trying this once when my mum made it for me when I got sick. High in protein, it is strongly believed to be good for health.

The brief for this digital art piece was to develop a concept based on Product Revival through Illustration. Using the famed 1950s style of vintage advertising, I was heavily influenced by 50s Americana and old-school illustrations of young children. On the side, this is also my first time using a WACOM tablet.


  • WACOM Tablet
  • Adobe Photoshop


  • 420mm (H) × 297mm (W)


  • 2012