Folke Skincare

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Nurture your skin with non-invasive, plant-based skin treatments, formulated by a seamless blend of ancient wisdom and modern technology 

Established in Singapore since 2004 and launched as the tried-and-trusted Folke® brand we know today 

Since young, founder Charles Ng vowed to manage his own sensitive, acne-prone skin with a more natural and non-invasive approach. His fervent passion to unlock the healing powers of nature to serve countless individuals inspired him to develop efficacious, plant-based solutions to the traditional, invasive methods of treating skin concerns. 

Ageless beauty from seed to skin 

Formulated with the marriage of “botany”, “nutrition therapy” and “scientific research”, Folke’s skincare ecosystem aids your skin to heal and evolve in a naturally responsive way much like how our bodies should. 

Cultivating from more than 16 years of plant-based practice, clinical experience now digitised using big data and artificial intelligence (AI) technology, we pioneer highly-informed skincare research and harness the transformative powers of rare botanicals with laboratory-made ingredients towards an approach of the finest quality — potent and proven to allay your skin concerns.  

Nurtured by nature 

The Folke skincare ecosystem offers non-invasive treatment technologies and beneficial plant-based skincare products, developed thoughtfully to manage skin concerns and continue to defy expectations in promoting sustainable, long-term results on your skin and well-being. 

In-house treatments manage skin conditions such as: visible signs of aging, collagen depletion, dullness, sensitivity, hyper-pigmentation, and acne conditions; while crafted skincare products feed your skin daily with innovative nutrition to aid your pursuit of a healthier, clearer, brighter, and more youthful skin. 


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