Brand Identity & Packaging Design

Kenny’s is a brand identity project that I took on with my good friend. He’s starting out his own baking shop and he just loves making delicious pastries for his friends and family. Starting out with Ken’s Homemade Pastries, we developed a concept to feature a catchy brand using his nickname. The brand personalities also included: classic, personal, and of course, home-made goodness.

The logo design was limited to one colour for print (to be used mostly for cake boxes and pastry packaging), and visually, should complement the delicious treats. Opting for a classic brown-gold Pantone combination, and creating a custom-made, hand-drawn brush type of his name, the logo appears fresh, friendly, and deliciously delightful.

Visit Kenny’s Facebook page for more of his wondrous home-made treats.


  • Ink
  • Brush
  • Adobe Illustrator


  • 2016