Of Man and Men

Charcoal studies

In my latest artistic journey, I found myself venturing into charcoal and graphite—a timeless medium by the old masters. The resulting artwork, titled “Of Man and Men”, pays homage to their figurative studies while adding my own touch to the creative process.

Charcoal, with its deep blacks and smoky grays, carries a unique ability to breathe life into a subject, infusing it with depth and emotion.

Choosing brown Kraft paper as my canvas provided a rugged foundation, its earthy tones setting the stage for this interplay of white graphite and charcoal. This unconventional pairing lent the artwork a raw, handdrawn appeal. Displayed in our modern settings, the piece simultaneously invokes a sense of nostalgia and contemporary charm.

The masculine subject takes center stage, exuding strength and vulnerability in equal measure.

As I applied the rough texture of the medium, the lines and shadows intertwined to accentuate the ruggedness of the figure, unveiling a rawness that lies within. It is in this amalgamation of grace and imperfection that true beauty reveals itself—a testament to the human experience.

May it serve as a reminder that even in our roughest moments, there is artistry to be found.


  • Charcoal
  • Graphite
  • Chalk
  • Kraft paper


  • 841mm (H) × 594mm (W)


  • 2022